You can look at photos both from the town of Laroque des Albčres and from the surrounding region. 
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Here is the tower in the centre of the town. There is a beautiful view from the tower,here we are looking towards the mountain  Canigou.

The small town of Laroque des Albčres is a traditional old Catalan town in the Languedoc Roussillion region.  The town’s oldest known age is 854 years, at that time known as La Roca.  The town has 2000 inhabitants and is located in the very south of  France close to the Mediterraenean. Spain is only a few miles away and it takes just 2 hours to drive to Barcelona. In Laroque you will find a grocery shop, butcher's shop, baker's shop, and a post office, in addition to several cafés and small restaurants. The town is located on a hill. From the tower one can see the Mediterraenean, the extensive plains of Roussillions and the Pyrenees. There are plenty of possibilities for mountain excursions from the town, whilst a 10-minute drive will take you to the beach  and the costal town of Argeles sur Mer. Just another 7 miles along the coast is the town of  Collioure, famous as an artistic centre i the 1900s.

The local church is right beside the holidayhome

Narrow but idyllic streets in the old town

Idyllic streets in the old town 

More idyllic streets in the old town 

A cosy restaurant , and the view up to the old town.

There are several pleasent areas for walks within close proximity to Laroque.

The beach awaits you... 

From the artistic town of Collioure.

Collioure’s old castle.

From the town of Cčret